Why did we start funeral cribs?

This week my company, Tukios, announced a new web series we are producing called Funeral Cribs. The show is about funeral homes that have an interesting story, beautiful facilities, or something unique that sets them apart from others in the market.

The initial response has been extremely positive with the first episode already surpassing 1,000 views in the first few days. The goal is for each episode to reach tens of thousands of funeral professionals.

The production of each episode is funded by Tukios and a single sponsor. The funeral home is not charged to be featured in the episode. The episode is meant to cast a positive light on the funeral home, their best practices, and funeral service in general.

SO... why are we doing this? The short answer is content marketing. We are trying to reach funeral professionals and associate ourselves with video. Many other funeral industry vendors are doing a great job of writing articles and producing content that is interesting and valuable to the industry. Being the video guys, there is only so much we can say about videos and how to make them great, so instead we decided to produce videos.

The next challenge was to decide what videos to produce. The idea of making tour videos came from a behavior I've recognized in funeral directors. They love to take people on tours of their funeral homes and they also love touring other facilities (especially in other markets) to see what they are doing differently and how they can improve their own firm. Funeral Cribs was born on that idea.Each episode will tell the genuine story about the funeral home. We will not be promoting any particular products or services. The sponsor of the episode will have their logo in the credits to get exposure from the viewers, but will not be heavily promoted during the video.

If you know of a funeral home that would make a good Funeral Cribs episode, please let us know by emailing funeralcribs@tukios.com. We have a pretty good list of suggestions already, but as some are being filtered out we are needing more. Also, if you are a vendor and would like to sponsor an episode you may also email funeralcribs@tukios.com.

-Curtis Funk

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We're always looking for the next location to add to our filming schedule. The difference maker for us is the story. If you know of a funeral home doing something totally different from the competition, or something very unique that has contributed to their success, please let us know about them.